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About Us

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Welcome, let’s be friends!

If you do not know us we want to introduce ourselves . Our names are Yana and Jade. We are mamas to 3 beautiful babies Peyton 👧🏼 , Renley 👧🏻  (Jade’s kids) and Grayson👦🏻  (Yana’s son). You will see them lots wearing our stylish outfits.

We met almost six years ago working together at one of our favourite places, Winners!

We instantly clicked and have been best friends ever since. We never have a dull moment together. We’ve gone through so much together including trips, weddings, babies and now starting a business!

We are so lucky to have Renley and Grayson so close in age at just five weeks apart and Peyton acts and is their big sister. We are so obsessed with them that we thought hey, why not find our own products we love and share them with all you other mamas!

We are treating this business just like another baby and are working so hard at making it great for everyone.

Every time you place an order we do a happy dance.

To find out more about us, see behind the scenes, participate in future collections and much more please follows us on Instagram @thelittleandlovely.